Indexable Milling

Milling Inserts

We offer more than +200 types of milling inserts with different sizes, shapes, tolerances, grades to choose from for most common machining application.

Shoulder Milling

We have versatile and wide range of selections in square shoulder milling cutters. Whether you are milling deep shoulders, avoiding vibration or tolerance requirement, we always have the right solution for your specific requirements.

High Feed Milling

High Feed Milling is a milling method that can increase up to three times faster than conventional milling. In order to obtain high efficiency and higher productivity result, we offer wide range of high feed milling cutters help saving money such as tooling cost, labor cost, electrical and water cost, and machining cost.

Face Milling

If you need a face milling tool efficiently machining flat surfaces, higher metal removal rate with consistent quality. No matter what material you are machining, we always has the right face milling products to ensure the best machining results.

Copy Milling

With the copy milling tools, you are sure to find the right solution for any task from milling of small components in small machining centers to heavy-duty milling in high-powered milling machines.

Engraving / Chamfering

Our engraving cutters offer engraving, chamfering, countersinking, grooving and spotting functions; chamfering cutters offer Upper and bottom chamfering.

Helical Milling

Our helical milling cutters offer the latest geometries and grades to achieve high feed rates, large depths of cut and maximum metal removal rates.

Disc Milling

Our standard disc milling cutters ideally suited to roughing operations under following popular sectors such as general mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, as well as the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Tooling System

Our tooling system include carbide adapter, BT adapter, HSK adapter, BT face milling holder and HSK face milling holder.